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Family 101

Well hello there!!

How long have I had this page you ask? ...................a while. This is my first official blog post on my updated website. So many new and exciting things are happening with R. Cain Photography and my new ventures I will feature. Portraits are happening, weddings are happening but with all things, schedules get busy, we overload ourselves, spread ourselves so thin, things happen.....LIFE happens. One thing is certain though....we all need to spend more time with our family. That being said.......

We took Saturday off y'all!!!

We did nothing but hang out together as a family! We slept in a little bit, we ate breakfast for lunch, went to the pumpkin patch, took pictures (my reason for this post), went to see a local production of The Lion King Jr. downtown and had dinner at home. I always want my girls to remember we spent time together, we did fun things as a family, we spent extra money on the little pumpkins and popcorn and just had FUN!! So.............

Here are a few pictures of my littles........they aren't so little anymore. Insert sappy music and a tearful mama.


The first three pictures are the ones I took with my cell phone.......the best camera is the one you have in your hand :) If you haven't already go and support our local theatre!!! The production was amazing!! So much talent in this area. Get tickets here. They only have a couple more shows next weekend but you won't be disappointed!

The next pictures have my heart all a flutter! We dropped by Smith's Garden Town where they had a pumpkin patch and lots of fun stuff for the kiddos: a  Castle Haystack, a bounce house, slides, pumpkin rides, and of course loads of pumpkins to choose from!!

I'd say our family day was a success and we have proof!!


Love always,